Clairvoyant Training Tip #5–Boundaries are essential

womenwithcircleaura200Clairvoyant, healer, intuitive, sensitive, however you identify yourself, you are entitled to have boundaries.  And here at the ACC we mean energy boundaries that you create yourself with your own energy.

However, it’s very important to note that we do not mean visualizing brick walls or imagining strong wiry nets of white light to repel your nemesis, but filled with the energy of your resistance.

You are capable of sensing foreign energy in your space and releasing it without too much effort.  You cannot expect yourself however to be vigilant 24 /7 and be able to  keep everything and everybody out of your space while expecting your space to remain pristine and clear and perfect. The desire for that perfect space is born of fear of  your  possible inadequacy in being able to deal with LIFE.

We are creatures of communication.  We want communication and connection in all kinds of forms and we would not enjoy our lives without communication or in pristine isolation.  We learn from our relationships and connections.  So, it goes against nature to want that pristine clear space 24/7.  What you really crave instead of perfect isolation is more of your own energy and spirit around you.  To have more of your own energy, first you have to accept that sometimes you have other energies or other peoples emotional energy around our body, in your aura.  It happens, it’s natural.  Being in resistance to that fact means you will take longer to get rid of unwanted energy and you will expend your own energy in fruitless resistance.

Having energy boundaries created by an energy tool which you construct shows the person you are in communication with that you have standards and values as to what kind of energy communication you accept in your space. And it helps you filter out the energy you are really not interested in having in your space at all.  At the ACC we use a separation tool that helps us distinguish between our energy and someone elses.  This separation tool helps us ‘get a read’ on the energy that is headed into our space so we can learn what we need to learn, and then make a conscious decision what to do next.  The use of this separation tool is supported by the innate wisdom stored in our 6th chakra.  The chakra that holds the ability of clairvoyance also stores information about neutrality or what we call compassionate acceptance.   Unlocking this wisdom and information allows you get out of the game of resistance and control and frees you up to make more empowered choices.

Yes, you are naturally capable of doing all that and having fun in the process.

If you don’t believe it, then you haven’t taken one of our programs or classes.  😉


Francine Marie-Sheppard


Psychic Abilities, Awareness & Karma

Fotolia_35077905_XSWhat role do your psychic abilities play in the creating of KARMA?

Maybe it is a better to ask: How is your creativity related to creating karma?

Psychic abilities are just part of being a human being.  They exist within you whether you use them or not or know they are there.  You can use them to gain greater awareness of the choices you make.  You can become more aware of how you actively create the life you live every day, and how everybody does, every day. Karma can be delicate topic because some of us have been conditioned to believe that karma is about blaming oneself for all ones experiences in life.   But like all ideas or teachings that become conditioned beliefs, thinking about karma this way is just another way to stay asleep and be controlled by fear.

You can be ‘asleep at the wheel’ whenever your conditioned actions and reactions are coming from a learned belief. Actions and choices that are automatic are not the product of awareness or being aware in the present moment.   We all have subconscious or unconscious beliefs that we are not aware of that cause us to make choices, and those choices can create our experience and our world. The idea of karma or the lessons of karma were created by teachers to make us aware of our creative power and our ability to make choices that are more aligned with our values,  and the world we want to experience.  Teachers and religious authorities who want to control people began putting messages of fear into the definitions of karma, but underneath the fear and control messages, the lessons of karma are about our potential power to create the world every day.

Do you want to be more aligned with your true spiritual values? Then harness your psychic abilities to become aware of your creative power and your creative choices. Become more aware of what is happening in your energetic world.  Karma is really about what you are creating and sending out there in the world, and it is endlessly changeable, not stagnant, not destiny, and not permanent.  If everything is in a constant state of change in the universe, so is your karma. Karma is completely changeable especially when you become more aware of what you are already creating, and take charge of and responsibility for your innate creative power.

Your spirit which is not bound by space or time can clear and heal and transcend karma in all it’s definitions.  Did you know that your creative power is linked to your healing power? Healing and creativity are linked and you are innately both a healer and a creator.   So, any scary rules about karma can be transcended by a human being living at their full potential, making conscious choices about what they create and how they heal themselves.  Don’t obsess with self-blaming thoughts about how you got to where you are because the past is gone. Your thoughts about the past are only thoughts produced from beliefs which often have no understanding or awareness built into them of the complexity of co-creation or karma.  Instead, harness your awareness of what you can create right now, in the present.  When you are in charge and aware of what you are creating in the present, your so-called karma can be lived as ‘positive’ experiences.

Happy Creating!

All the best,

Francine Marie-Sheppard